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  • Update L10N files from Transifex to git repo
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This page describe the instructions to:

a) The master resource files (english) from CloudStack Git Repo to Transifex
b) the localization files (L10N resource files) with the latest version from Transifex.

When do this work:

  • After each new major release on master branch, to add the N+1 release config and after the creation of the release branch by the release manager: add the transifex config for new L10N resources files must be done(just update the tx/.config file
  • Regularly or just before make a minor release, update the translation on the release branch (or master)



For example, with 4.7 branch (some lines must modify if your use another CS version to match with correct version number).

Requirement: if the 4.7 resources files don't exists on Transifex, you must create the resource file (en_US) on Transifex website before follow theses commands:

1/ Update your master git repository

git checkout 4.9 # or use 'master' instead of '4.9' if you would update the main development branch.
git pull

2/ Create a new temporary branch

git checkout -b L10N-update-4.9-20160812

3/ Put into Transifex the latest version of

cd tools/transifex/
./ upload-source-language CloudStack_UI.49xmessagesproperties

4/ Get the latest L10N resource files from transifex

./ download-l10n-languages CloudStack_UI.49xmessagesproperties

5/ Add resource files in your local branch and commit

cd ../..
git add ./client/WEB-INF/classes/resources/*.properties
git commit -m "Update L10N resource files with 4.9 strings from Transifex (20160812)"

6/ Push your local branch on Github to create the pull request.

git push --set-upstream origin L10N-update-4.9-20160812

7/ Final step: on Github, create a new pull request (PR) for the release manager team.


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