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This page is for draft copy that may be incorporated into the Apache CloudStack Web site. Text here is considered a draft and is not necessarily for use in any materials or publications related to Apache CloudStack.

Site Diagram/Flow (Draft)

Website Flow

Content That Lives on the Main Site

There's a lot of content that the community needs to function, developer docs, guides, and so forth. The content that is hosted on the Apache CMS should be kept to a minimum, leaving fast-moving developer documentation on the wiki.

Page Name




Main Page

Main page for the site, includes elevator pitch, links to the main "flows" for the site (potential user, user, developer)



About Page

About page for the site that includes history, deeper information about the project.




Page for a press kit, etc.


no, needs to be created

Get Involved

Page describing how to become involved with the Apache CloudStack Project.


yes, needs revision

Mailing Lists

Information about the project mailing lists, and etiquette for those lists, where to find archives, etc.



Events and Meetups

Page with event and meetup information

Points to Lanyrd

Points to Lanyrd (complete)


Page with links to all documentation

currently links to Publican output

no, needs to be created

Developer Resources

Page with links to developer resources on wiki


no, needs to be created

Front Page

Copy and discussion for the front page of the Apache CloudStack site.


"Elevator Pitch"

Top N Features

What are the top five, eight, or 10 features of Apache CloudStack? If you can only tell someone about N features, what do you pick, and how do we describe them concisely, precisely, and enticingly?

  1. Purpose built for cloud. - Started from the Cloud Down, not from Virtualization up!
  2. Software Defined Networking - Industry leading SDN model out-of-the-box
  3. Open Source large & growing community - One of the largest trending communities in Open Source today!
  4. APIs both open & also fully compatible with AWS. - Using RESTful API to easily manage, use, and expand the cloud!
  5. Highly Available and Scalable - Multiple different HA schemes for both internal and managed systems as well as scalability into the ten's of thousands of VMs.
  6. Workload agnostic. - Currently supporting organizations with traditional enterprise workloads, web 2.0 workloads, as well as new cloud era architectures.
  7. Full Global Scalability. With Zone and soon region support to manage your Cloud anywhere in the world!
  8. Rich ecosystem - A large partnership with many companies that support not only the open source development put partner their tools with CloudStack!
  9. Single pane of glass management - A easy to setup and install rich UI experience for Administrators and Users alike!
  10. Multi-hypervisor Support - Only platform to support KVM, Xen, ESXi, and OVM; as well as Bare Metal and HyperV in 2013!
  11. Includes usage systems - Be able to tie in system and user usage for any type of charge back model!

Elevator Pitch "Alternate Copy"

CloudStack is an open source orchestration platform that enables the coordination of physical and virtual resources (compute, storage and networking) to provide and elastic cloud computing environment environment (similar to Amazon EC2).


  • HyperVisor Agnostic - use single or multiple hypervisors in a single cloud - (hypervisor, KVM, VMware, Hyper-V in development)
  • Self-service web UI - Allow users to self-provision infrastructure via an easy-to-use web interface
  • Amazon EC2 compatible RESTful API - Take advantage of existing Amazon Web Services knowledge and tooling to manage CloudStack clouds.
  • Access Control - Provide roll-based access to users and admins, single sign-on, delegate management of domains to other administrators, authentication via LDAP.
  • Usage Metering - Track usage by individual or by projects
  • Completely Defined Cloud Offerings - Define processing, memory, storage and networking as individual offerings


  • Easily use and modify as an open source project (ASL 2.0)
  • Extensible via a pluggable architecture (network, hypervisor,storage)
  • Improves agility by reducing time to deployment for infrastructure
  • Isolate network traffic quickly with Software-Defined Networking options (Networking-as-a-Service)
  • Provide failover via multi-zone architecture (this is a benefit over some other OSS clouds)
  • Vibrant multi-vendor and user community to provide both commercial and peer-provided support, integrations and services

Redesign Proposals (Visual)

Sonny Chhen has offered a Apache website redesign proposal for the front page.

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