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This wiki is used for Apache Local Community - ALC Beijing Chapter.

Beijing is the capital of the People's Republic of China. Beijing is an important world capital and global power city, and one of the world's leading centers for culture, diplomacy and politics, business and economy, education, language, and science and technology.

For more details, please refer

Contact Us

If you have any thoughts and queries to discuss with ALC Beijing, please contact us with following channels.

Email - Send a mail to with [ALC Beijing] prefix in the subject line.

Slack (for quick chat) - Please create a Slack account using this invite link and join the #alc channel.

Events and Reports

Team meeting information


Photo / AvatarNameContact

Willem Jiang  姜宁
(Chapter Lead)
ningjiang at apache dot org

Jeff Zhangzjffdu at gmail dot com

Hadrian Zbarceahzbarcea at gmail dot com

Liu Ted 刘天栋tedliu1 at yahoo dot com

Liang Zhang 张亮zhangliang at apache dot org

Jincheng Sun 孙金城sunjincheng121 at gmail dot com

Xiangdong Huang 黄向东sainthxd at gmail dot com

Sheng Wu 吴晟wusheng at apache dot org

Juan Pan  潘娟panjuan at apache dot org

Skylar Deranickskysfried at gmail dot com

Jiansheng Li 李建盛lijiangsheng1 at gmail dot com

Zhenxu Ke 柯振旭

kezhenxu94 at apache dot org

Gang Li 李岗lgcareer at apache dot org

Yu Li 李钰liyu at apache dot org

William Guo 郭炜guowei at apache dot org
Lidong Dai 代立冬dailidong66 at gmail dot com
Jerry Tan 谭中意

zhongyi dot tan at gmail dot com

Bobo  江波nadia at sifou dot com
Dianjin Wang 王殿进

djwang at streamnative dot io

Yin Xu  许银

jueduizone at gmail dot com

Cynthia 辛庆

cynthiaxin1 at gmail dot com

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