This wiki is used for collecting the information and resources (presentations, media, etc.) that will be helpful for ALC chapters.

Types of events organized by ALC Chapters

The ALC Chapter organize events to spread the awareness on Apache and open source in the local community.
For ALC role, please refer ALC Roles and Responsibility.

Here are some events which can be organized (ALC chapters can go beyond this too :-)

  • Event in a corporate office to educate the corporate people (this event can be open for the all the local developers).
  • Event in a college or university or school to educate students community (this event can be open for the all the local developers), like The Apache Day - 28 September 2019, and Open Source and ASF Awareness - 23 November 2019.
  • Monthly Meetup - The monthly meetup can be organized by ALC members to retrospect the current state and plan the direction and next actions of ALC.
  • Hackathon for Apache Projects - In Hackathon, the participant contribute to the Apache projects, which includes code development, project documentation, testing and review patches, etc. like Apache Hackathon - 24 August 2019.

    The participants who are new to Apache (or open-source) and it's projects, the ALC can guide them on the ASF, The Apache Way, various Apache Projects, and help them to start their contribution.

Please refer section below for the venue of these events.

Venue for the event

The ALC chapter members can approach local companies and college or university for the event space and other resources (like screen, speakers etc.)

In this case the local company or college can be the venue sponsor for the event.

Topics for the session

The ALC Chapter team can plan any session which honor the ALC Roles and Responsibility.

Here are some suggested topics for session, the ALC Chapter team can go beyond this.

  • About Open Source Philosophy

  • History of Open-Source

  • Open-Source Vs Closed source

  • Open-Source license

  • About Apache Software Foundation and it's history
  • About The Apache Way
  • Technical session on any specific Apache Project.
  • ICLA and how it should be signed to contribute in ASF

  • Apache Incubator

  • The Foundation structure

  • The projects under the Apache umbrella

  • Mailing list and it's usage

  • How to pick a project based domain/programming language interest

  • and many more..
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