This wiki is used for Apache Local Community (ALC).

About ALC

ALC comprises local groups of Apache (Open Source) enthusiasts, called an 'ALC Chapter'. 
There will be a single ALC chapter per town/city.

ALC is similar to Google Developer Group, Facebook Developer Circles, Mozilla Reps.

For metropolitan geographic areas (like San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles etc.), multiple ALC Chapters can be setup.
ComDev PMC will look into the requests from these areas and took the decision on case-by-case basis.

ALC Roles and Responsibilities

  • Spread awareness on Apache in local communities.
  • Host various events for local open source enthusiasts that include students, developers, and the business community.
  • Share information about ASF, The Apache Way, and various Apache  projects.
  • Bring together project users and developers.

Benefits of ALC

  • will open the doors for having frequent and small events for the local Open Source community.
  • will provide a platform for different project committers from the same town/city to meet and exchange knowledge, thoughts, and ideas.
  • will help build and expand communities, as the Apache maxim "Community Over Code"

How to apply to setup ALC Chapter

If ALC chapter doesn't exist in your location and you are interested in setting up the ALC Chapter in your area (town/city), please follow the steps mentioned in Process to establish an ALC Chapter document.

There will be a single ALC chapter per town/city, so please check the ALC Chapters to see if there’s an existing chapter in your location.

Code of conduct

The ALC members should follow the Apache code of conduct, for details please refer

If any ALC Chapter is inactive for 3 months, it will be dissolved after communication with members of that ALC chapter and PMC votes because we are having strictly one ALC chapter in a town/city. Here more details on Process to dissolve an ALC Chapter.

The ALC Chapter shares the status report to ComDev in every three months.
The report includes details on the activities performed by ALC Chapter and it's impact.

The ALC Chapter is not allowed to execute any press releases.

ALC Resources

ALC Resources wiki is used for managing the information and resources (presentations, media, etc.) that will be helpful for ALC chapters.

Additional information

Just to avoid any confusion, ALC is not about holding a monthly committer meetup, but rather creating a local group of Apache enthusiasts. It is not mandatory to be or have Apache committers to form an ALC chapter, however if there are Apache committers available to participate and share their experience then it will be helpful for that ALC chapter.

Contact  ALC

Email - Send a message to with [ALC] prefix in subject line.

Slack - Please create a Slack account using this invite link and join the #alc channel.

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