This page is for gathering information for a proposal to run an Apache Roadshow in India in 2020. Note that the event is not yet approved or even guaranteed to run.


We are putting together this proposal for an Apache Roadshow in India.

Proposed Location: Gurgaon (officially called Gurugram)

Main reasons behind selecting this location are as follows:

  1. Financial Hub  : It is known as a financial and technology hub of india
  2. Tech Company Presence: All major technology companies have a presence there
  3. Connectivity :The location is close to Delhi Airport (12 miles) which has good domestic and international connectivity
  4. Local Support: We have contacts and local support in Gurugram that can take care of our local requests and needs

Proposed Date: Q1 2020  (Potentially 2nd or 3rd week in February)

Suggested date is 2nd or 3rd week in February. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Weather: The weather is very good in India at this time (i.e. not too hot, not too cold)
  2. Flight Costs: International flight rates are cheaper in February compared with other months
  3. Lack of Other Open Source Events: Not many open source events are in this time frame. The only main event is European based FOSDEM  which is usually the first weekend in February)

Event Goals:

  1. Goal 1

  2. Goal 2

Sponsor Information:

Location #1


2 days,

4 tracks full tracks (or up to 8 mini tracks) with a Keynotes

Breakfast and sponsor booth fair to start

Mid-morning coffee break booth visit break

Lunch with booth visit

Mid-afternoon snack / booth visit break

Which project communities are in the area that might want to participate?

Spark, Fineract, OFBiz


Target Number: 200 - 250

Suggested Audience; Beginners, Students, Committers, Experienced /Advanced Users, Technology Experts

Suggested Tracks:

Fintech ? (Fineract)

Big Data ? (Spark, Beam


Who is responsible for what?


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