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Apache Community Business Cards are cards that people involved with Apache projects can use when they are promoting their Apache project at an event or representing their Apache project. Individuals (not the ASF) would be responsible for printing their own cards. This page is setup to look at defining or agreeing a standard template that all business cards would need to conform to;

Details to be included on the card

  • Apache Logo
  • Name
  • Role (e.g Committer, PMC Member, VP Apache Foo, Contributor, etc)
  • Project Name ? / Project website
  • Apache Email Address (This will limit the card to committers only - do we want to do this?
  • Other contact ? (e.g Twitter, Facebook other social media ??)
  • PGP Key ?


Example Template 1: From Sally (this example seems to be a non-standard size and shape.



Example Template 2: From Piergiorgio



Example Template 3: From Ted. These are identical and are similar to what Sally had except that I used the vector form of the logo and changed to standard US card sizes. The Illustrator version is primary, other formats provided for convenience. Adobe Illustrator format


 Adobe Photoshop format


ASF-card-standard.svg SVG  format


 PDF format with vector elements


 PNG at 1200 dpi. This is the only non vector form. It looks the best on a web page, but you should use only if you must.


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