General Diversity Strategy

What is the overall goal? / Possible Mission Statement

"To make the ASF a culturally diverse and socially representative open source community"

What outcomes do we want?

  1. To increase diversity by attracting and welcoming all contributors including those from under-represented groups to the ASF
  2. To retain diversity by maintaining a healthy, positive and socially dynamic environment where all groups feel safe, welcome and appreciated
  3. To actively monitor diversity within the ASF and if necessary apply strategies to encourage and attract under-represented groups

How can we achieve these outcomes?


Reach out and attract new contributors

  1. Go to where our potential new contributors are
    1. Outreachy
    2. Hackbright Academy
    3. Google Summer of Code
    4. Women in Big Data
    5. Others ??
  2. Use Events and Meetups to attract new contributors
    1. Apachecon
    2. Apache Big Data
    3. FOSDEM
    4. Project Meetups
    5. Grace Hopper ?
    6. Project Meetups?
    7. Other Events Apache represented at?
  3. Promote and talk about Apache and its culture through Social Media, Blogging,
    1. ASF Weekly News
    2. ASF Twitter
    3. ASF & Project Blogs
    4. Articles for external magazines eg Open Source Way, Others
    5. Other people blogging / talking about the ASF or any of its projects and their experience of it
    6. Wikipedia ? - people use it a lot - what does the ASF or projects entries look like?
  4. Marketing material (leaflets, stickers, swag..)
    1. ASF information leaflets
    2. ASF & Project Stickers
    3. Small branded marketing gifts / giveaways (pen, keyring etc)

Ensure that people that join Apache communities enjoy what they do and feel safe and appreciated

  1. Make existing contributors and all new contributors feel safe (IMPORTANT!)
    1. Have a Code of Conduct
    2. Ensure the code of conduct is enforced
  2. Ensure the contributors know they are contributing to a legal organisation with defined standards and governance
    1. Apache Licence
    2. Promote ASF Standards and Governance Model
  3. Make communities welcoming and inclusive
    1. Respond to questions from newcomers as well as existing members
    2. Acknowledge contributions (IMPORTANT!)
    3. Remove the distinction between code and non code related contributions (they are equal)
    4. Make it easier for newcomers to contribute
    5. Use polite and neutral language
    6. Celebrate achievements
  4. Promote collaboration
    1. Collaborative discussion and decision making (Mailing list)
    2. Collaborative development (Wiki, Jira, Chat,?)
    3. Build relationships (Chat, Meetups - virtual or real)
    4. Other tools


Maintain a positive culture of inclusiveness and openness

Have clear and understandable policies and guidelines



Monitor Diversity ?



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