This wiki page has been set up to help track ASF participation at FOSDEM: who will be participating, what is being organized, which projects will be represented, etc.

What is FOSDEM?

FOSDEM is a free open source conference that takes place each year in Brussels. It is free entry so many organizations and companies involved in open source attend.

WhereWhenDescriptionCFP opensCFP closes
Online6 & 7 February 2020FOSDEM



Goals and Objectives for the Booth

  1. Attracting visitors
  2. Promote the  ASF  and its Projects by
    1. Running some demos or short presentations showcasing specific projects (NOTE: Not much interest from projects so will drop this but if people turn up and want to demo then we can add it)
    2. Having project experts available to chat and answer question
    3. Having people available to answer questions about the ASF
  3. Run video content that gives basic information about the ASF and what we do

Video Content


Join us at FOSDEM!

  1. Link to  FOSDEM ASF Booth :
  2. Link to FOSDEM ASF Booth Schedule
  3. Link to FOSDEM ASF Chat room


We need people to help with preparing the content for the booth and to be present in the chatroom during the event. Please add your name below if you are interested in helping out.


Help With Creating Booth Content

Participate at Booth during FOSDEM

Booth Hours

09.30 - 18:00

Sharan Foga



Sat: 9:30 - 

Sun: 9.30 -

Trevor Grantrawkintrevo.a.o

Aditya Sharmaadityasharma.a.oYes

Kenneth Paskettkp.a.oYes

Giovanni BechisGiovanni Bechisgbechis.a.o

Claude Warrenclaude.a.o



Marketing and messages

For the booth to become a success we need to do both internal and external marketing. We will be promoting FOSDEM on the Community Development mailing lists and will ask Sally and Swapnil to help us with blog posts and news bulletins.

It might be good to send an email out to all our projects as the conference is completely free.


dev@community.a.o is currently being used for all FOSDEM communication.

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