Process to execute an event

The ALC Chapter should follow the below guidelines and process to execute an event.

1. Create a child page under your "ALC <Name-of-ALC> Events" page.
e.g. The ALC Indore Chapter will create a child page at ALC Indore Events.

2. Document the detailed Agenda of event and other information on the newly created page.
e.g. The Apache Day - 28 September 2019

3. Send a mail to ComDev PMC (on sharing the details of events and wait for their approval.
Please share the following information with PMC.

  • Detailed information about the event (Share link to the confluence page you have created for the event.
  • The resources to be used in the event like (Presentation, Banner etc.)

(Please add "[ALC]" prefix in the mail subject line).

4. After the approval, ALC Chapter is allowed to execute the event.

5. Execute the event.

6. After the successful execution of the event, please add the Post Event Report on the wiki 'Event page' that you have created.
e.g. The Apache Day - 28 September 2019#28September2019-PostEventReport

Share these details on ComDev list ( as well on the mail thread initiated in point 3 e.g.

7. Maintain the Past & Upcoming events detail on your "ALC <Name-of-ALC> Events" page.
e.g. ALC Indore Events

Frequently asked questions

1. Sponsorship

An ALC event can have sponsors like Venue sponsor, Infrastructure Sponsor (provided help in arrangements like Mike, Speaker, Projects, etc..), Catering Sponsor etc.
The important thing to taken care of here is, respective ALC Chapter should be very specific in communication, for e.g. if a Sponsor A is sponsoring the Event X of an ALC Chapter Foo.
It should be clearly mentioned and communicated that they are sponsors of the "Event X of ALC Chapter Foo", not ASF.

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