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The hackathon space at #ACEU19 will be available on 23rd/24th October from the start of each day's schedule.

We want to invite everybody to participate on the hackathon. Collaborative development on project source code, improvements to project documentation, and development of example apps or tools built upon one or more Apache projects are all encouraged. Furthermore, it's a nice opportunity to get in touch with other contributors. We provide a dedicated space with chairs, power, wifi, snacks, and caffeine.

What we need are participants, promoters and coordinators to:

  • operate a dedicated hackathon table for some time
  • designate collaborative work for your project’s table to help hackers focus
  • encourage your community to hack at your project’s table
  • spread the word throughout your community!

Please put your name and community in the table below if you'd like to reserve a table and some time for your project.


CommunityLead(s)Topic (optional)Date/Time
StreamsSteve Blackmon

TurbineGeorg Kallidis, Thomas Vandahl

SystemMLJanardhandocumentation, use casesDuring Complete ACEU
StrutsYasser ZamaniAdding/Sampling effective usage of Asynchronous to/with Struts

23.10.2019: 13:00 - 14:50
24.10.2019: 13:00 - 16:50

RangerDeepak Sharma

IoTJulian FeinauerProvide an Industrial IoT Corner to try Apache PLC4X and friends.During Complete ACEU
PGP KeysigningJean-Frederic ClereSee link for instructions. The event will take place in the room.24.10.2019: 13:00-14:00

Furthermore we are looking for "greeters", so people who would like to operate the primary information table in the hackathon space for several hours, welcome people to the hackathon and give a short introductory tools or skills presentation. If you're up for that, please fill out the table below. In case you have any questions on the specific details of that position, please don't hesitate to contact us via



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