This wiki page has been set up to help track ASF participation at OpenExpo Europe: who will be there, what is being organized, which projects will be represented, etc.

What is OpenExpo Europe?

OpenExpo is a Fair and Congress about open source that takes place each year in Spain. It is a meeting point for companies, entrepreneurs, and engineers to share, present and discover open source solutions and the trends within the industry. The Congress has many different areas and activities, from keynotes and talks to workshops, recruiting activities, spaces for startups, open debates, and more.

WhereWhenDescriptionCFPCFP closes
Madrid (Spain)6 & 7 JuneOpenExpo EuropeCFP2018 / 08 / 18

Presentations from ASF Contributors / Speakers

If you are speaking at OpenExpo Europe then please add the details of your talk here. In case you need to sign the Speaker Agreement, you will find the document attached to this page. Please have it signed and sent to

The deadline to submit the presentation in PDF format is 2018/05/23. Please, have it sent to the previous email address too.

1Building a community. Challenges projects face when going open source.

Piergiorgio Lucidi

Luciano Resende

Ignasi Barrera

Open debate2018/06/06 | 16:05 - 16:50
2Building software and communities the Apache WayIsmaël MejíaTalk2018/06/07 | 10:00 - 10:30
3Open Source and The Apache Software FoundationJim JagielskiKeynote2018/06/07 | 13:25 - 14:00
 <your talk><your name>? 

OpenExpo logos for use in the presentations

If you want to include the OpenExpo logo in your presentations you can use the horizontal or vertical ones.

Open Debate topics and ideas

Please, feel free to suggest and add your ideas and topics to be discussed in the Open Debate.

  • Challenges projects face when going open source
  • Building a community
  • Diversity in open source projects
  • Why open governance

A dedicated page for topics and ideas is available to collaborate on a potential draft.


We need people to be at the booth and help in general. The booth will need to be manned with at least 3 people (which of course can be different people)






Luciano Resende


Piergiorgio Lucidi

Ignasi Barreranacx@apache.orgyes 

Arrival / Departure Schedule

If you are going to be at OpenExpo and want to meet up with other people from Apache projects then please add your details to the table below.

Depending on the number of people and the dates an informal social event may be organized.

NameContactArrival DateDepartureInterested in Social Event?
Ignasi Barreranacx2018 / 06 / 052018 / 06 / 08Yes
Piergiorgio Lucidipiergiorgio2018 / 06 / 052018 / 06 / 08Yes

Details on how to arrive, address of the venue, public transportation options, etc, can be found here (unfortunately it is only in Spanish):


The booth will be located in the Community Village.



We will have a portion of ASF swag to give away (mini USB hubs, pens, lapel pins, webcam covers, and stickers).

Due to circumstances, this will be a very limited supply so distribute sparsely!

Rule of thumb here: You talk to us, you get swag. If you're only there for the swag, tough luck, buddy!

Remember: Projects can bring their own marketing material to distribute on the booth

Marketing and messages

For the booth to become a success we need to do both internal and external marketing. We will be promoting OpenExpo on the Community Development mailing lists and will ask Sally to help us draw a blog post and news bulletin.

It might be good to send an email out to all our projects as the conference is completely free. 


dev@community.a.o Is currently being used for all OpenExpo communication.


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