The purpose of this page is to collate the general thoughts on where the community thinks a component should be going. So: What's next for the component... Rewrite? Bugfix release? Give up? Currently only commons-proper components are listed; other components have a goal of trying to get promoted.

One thing to avoid. Don't just say 'release 4.5' because 4.4 is the current version and you presume that'll be the next version. Have an opinion on what's happening etc.

  • attributes
  • beanutils
  • betwixt
  • chain
  • cli - release the cli2 package as a replacement to cli; or dump the cli2 package and continue on with cli.
  • codec
  • collections - release needed, smaller jar file needed
  • configuration - release 1.2
  • compress - planning a 2.x API applying lessons learned over the past four years. See:
  • daemon
  • dbcp
  • dbutils - release 1.1?
  • digester
    A 1.7.1 release with minor fixes.
    Possibly a 2.0 release with major API changes, using package name o.a.c.digester2 to avoid
    clashes with existing code (some work already done).
    See for further details.
  • discovery
  • el
  • email
  • feedparser
  • fileupload - release 1.1
  • httpclient - release 3.0; deprecate 2.0; release 3.1 (Cookie2 + minor incremental improvements); rewrite HttpClient based on Jakarta HttpComponents
  • io - more file system utils to handle native calls, URLUtils
  • jelly
  • jexl
  • jxpath
  • lang - complete text package, exception enhancements, then release
  • latka - demote to sandbox?
  • launcher
  • logging
    A 1.1 release (RC cycle currently active) with minor fixes.
    A 2.0 release split into 1 jar per logging lib ("static binding"), plus a jar containing
    the "auto-detect" approach currently in use.
    See logging wiki page for details
  • math
  • modeler
  • net
  • pool - see: PoolRoadMap
  • primitives
  • resources
  • transaction
  • validator - see
  • vfs - see VfsReleaseState
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