Resources User Guide

Novemeber 2005 This is a first stab at creating a basic User Guide for Commons Resources - feel free to correct, enhance and expand, niallp.

Commons Resources Overview

The core of the resources framework are two interfaces:

  • Resources Representation of a set of internationalized resources, which are arbitrary objects identified by a unique String key and can be accessed for different{{java.util.Locale}} and java.util.TimeZone.
  • ResourcesFactory Factory class to configure and instantiate an appropriate Resources instance.

Basic imlementations of the above are provided for resources contained in property files, XML and databases(via JDBC). Implementations are also provided for use in a Web App environment.

The resources framework also includes interfaces for encapsualting messages and message lists:

  • Message An encapsulation of an individual messag, consisting of a message key, and replacement values.
  • MessageList A class that encapsulates a set of messages.

Rest of the User Guide

The rest of the user guide is in the following sections, which are also available from the Navigation Bar at the top and bottom of each page:

  1. Getting Started - Using Resources 2. Messages - Using Message and MessageList 3. Standard - Standard Resources Implementations 4. Creating - Creating a Resources Implementation

You can also view the Javadoc and Source code using the links below (or on the Navigation Bar)
5. API - Javadocs
6. Source - Source Code XREF

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