This is the home of the ManifoldCF project (formerly Apache/Lucene Connectors Framework).


Books about ManifoldCF are described here.


Most documentation can be found at You may, of course, submit patches for the documentation as well as for ManifoldCF itself. Also feel free to contribute to the following topics.


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  1. Anonymous

    I try to download ManifoldCF resources but all links seem dead. I didn't find a ManifoldCF folder in the main Apache directory either. Am I searching in the wrong places?

    1. ManifoldCF 0.1-incubating has not yet been released, that's why. There is a release candidate but it is still awaiting incubator approval.

      If you are patient you can download the release candidate from here:

      The current release candidate is RC7. You can see areas for RC4,RC5, and RC6 as well at this time.

    2. I've updated the ManifoldCF site to reflect the release holding pattern we are in at the moment. Incubator releases require the incubator PMC to sign off on them, and they can be extremely picky about matters unrelated to the content of the project. Your patience is appreciated.

      The RC7 candidate has been replaced with an RC8. The download location is the same.