Create file setenv.bat (; Tomcat's start.bat will call it.

Set following:

(I am currently working on it; link from main page will be available after I finish Tomcat + MySQL installation)

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  1. The MySQL database code has not been kept up to date for many years; it's missing implementations for some methods. If you are interest in using it I suggest creating a Jira ticket and working to bring it to functioning condition.

    1. Yes, I am doing it right now... I'll contribute patch (I think there is bug somewhere, NullPointerException)... It can also be Connection Pool provided by Tomcat; I started this page to log my findings with Tomcat...

      1. Changing connection pool is a much larger topic. You will need to bear in mind that ManifoldCF with a different pool driver must run not only on Tomcat, but also on Jetty, Resin, and work for the Agents process as well (which does not run under Tomcat at all).

        You might look at CONNECTORS-96 for a list of reasonable pool driver choices. I'm not aware of a ManifoldCF bug covering MySQL support at this time, so you will need to create a ticket for that.