Attached please find some potential logos. There are two general approaches: one sort of implies a unifying approach around a central "Lucene" theme, and the other is a standalone sort. And now, since LCF has become ACF, and ACF has become ManifoldCF, we need a whole new set.

"Lucene" themed logos

Classic with pictogram:

Standalone logos

These would be corresponding Lucene/LCF logos:

Here's another central-themed LCF logo, based around a bridge:

Another modest option:

New Apache-themed logos

(There are two other .svg files attached, but I don't have .png's for them yet.)

Same logo with the TM, as required by Apache

The C and F make up a socket. The Apache feather make up the cord (smile)

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  1. So my preference would be something a little more understated - like the lcf "modest option" I posted above - but more polished and done in a vector format.

    1. Is there any particular reason for vector format over jpg?

      1. Vector is a zillion times more scalable than bitmap, so looks good at all sizes.

      2. Anonymous

        Apache prefers vector logos. They actually have some guidelines for logos (though I don't think everyone completely follows them).

        Check out the solr logo contest page for some of the guidelines that Hoss dug up for that contest:

        1. That reply was me by the way - didnt realize i wasnt logged in.

        2. Should we run an official contest? Or just adopt the standards?

  2. Anonymous

    +1 for the more modest option. I had a plug or two "jacks" (I guess one male and one female) in mind. The big logos are not solid/bold enough for a logo, I think, and may have too many colours. I like the LCF emphasis in the modest variant.

  3. Hello, During a break, I make this logo. Maybe too simple.