Database access

In the actual store, we have few issues with JPox and database mapping:

  • long string aren't stored correctly in some database like Oracle due to small length of the Oracle varchar
  • we have some issues with relations between objects during update/delete actions of some entities
  • we have some memory issues due to lot of datas from entities loaded that we don't really need

For all of that and more, I want to rewrite all the database access from scratch. To do this, I want to use JPA (with OpenJPA or Toplink). I choose JPA instead of JPOX or something else because :

  • it is very easy to develop/maintain the data access code
  • it is customizable for optimization by query overwrite and some query hints defined externally
  • the SQL for the schema generation can be generated for each database, so customizable by users
  • it is the new standard that I like and recommend (wink)

Personally, I'd prefer Toplink because it is the reference implementation and it is already used by lot of users, I don't know about OpenJPA. We must look at the Toplink license for the compatibility with the ASL.

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