This Confluence has been LDAP enabled, if you are an ASF Committer, please use your LDAP Credentials to login. Any problems file an INFRA jira ticket please.

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Congratulations on being elected as a new committer!

Work your way through this document and reach out to someone if you get stuck.

Required Reading

How the ASF worksThis is a useful intro to CouchDB's parent organisation, and helps to contextualise the wider community we are a part of.
ASF New Committer Guide

Foundation-wide guide for all new committers. Follow these steps before you continue to the next section of this document.

CouchDB BylawsThis document communicates what is expected of you. It also empowers you to make decisions and deal with conflict.
CouchDB Code of Conduct

This document applies to every community member. Your safety, wellbeing, and happiness are our top priority.

Accounts to Configure

ASF IDIdentity serviceYesConfigure your details. This information is used across many Apache tools.
Mailing listsDiscussionYesCheck the Communication Methods page. You are required to subscribe to the mailing list.
Security Mailing ListSecurity DiscussionsYesIf you think you can help with confidentially-reported security issues, subscribe by sending email to
SubversionOfficial ReleasesYesCheck the General Info wiki page. You'll need an svn account if you intend to help with the release process.
Git / GitHubSource code,
Website source,
Issue Tracking

Check the Source Control General Info wiki page.

Link your GitHub and ASF accounts here for the best experience.

JenkinsContinuous integrationYesCreate an account.
IRCChatOptionalCheck the Communication Methods page. Ping a channel mod for flags and a cloak.
ConfluenceWikiOptionalCreate an account then ping a PMC member for additional privileges.
JIRAOld Ticketing systemOptionalCreate an account, then ping a PMC member for additional privileges.
PootleTranslation serviceOptionalCreate a password by using, then ping Andy Wenk

Useful Resources

Committer IndexAn incomplete list of committers. Be added to this list by creating a FOAF file.
CouchDB CommittersA list of CouchDB committers. Your name should appear here automatically.
CouchDB PMCA list of CouchDB PMC members.
People on the CouchThe CouchDB team page. Add yourself here if you like.
PonyMail ArchivesTop-level PonyMail archives pages for the CouchDB mailing lists.
MarkMail ArchivesEntry point into the (olrder) MarkMail archive of every CouchDB mailing list.
Committers' FAQGeneral questions and answers.
Committers' ResourcesASF-wide resources for committers.

There are many more useful resources on this wiki. Use the navigation menu on the left to find the information you need.


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