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Guidelines for creating a CouchDB Event (version 0.1.0)

We are very happy that you take the opportunity to create a CouchDB Event. We wish you all the best for it and would like to help to make it a great success.


Apache CouchDB is an Open Source project hosted by the Apache Software Foundation. This means the project follows not only the ideas of the ASF but also it guidelines. This includes rules for the usage of brands and also community rules like the Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement. We expect you, as the organisers of a CouchDB event, to also follow these rules. To make this easier for you, we created these guidelines.


The following topics are covered in these guidelines:

  • General information
  • Usage of the brand CouchDB
  • Approval from the CouchDB PMC
  • Code of Conduct & Diversity Statement

General information

As we mentioned before, we are very happy that you organise a CouchDB event. To make it a success, please make sure you follow these guidelines. Our intention is to help you run a great event and make things easy for you and fun for your attendees and the CouchDB community. If you think any of this gets in your way, please let us know!

If you have any questions, please subscribe to the marketing mailinglist. The marketing team is happy to help you. This is also the place where you should send information about the event in general so that the team can publish them in the CouchDB Weekly News.

Usage of the brand CouchDB

Apache CouchDB is a Apache Software Foundation brand. If you want to use the name Apache CouchDB you have to follow the guidelines for Event Names Using Apache Marks and Steps to gain approval to use an Apache Mark in Events.

Approval from the CouchDB PMC

The CouchDB Project Management Committee (PMC) is responsible for all project affairs. This includes to make sure, that the usage of the name CouchDB is legitimate. But the PMC is also responsible, that the CouchDB project has a healthy community and is not compromised in any way. Therefor we ask you to let us approve your event. The process is simple and as follows:

1. Get in touch with the PMC

Please get in touch with the PMC by sending an informal email to about the event you are organising. Your email should include:

  • the name of your event
  • the date of the event
  • an introduction to your event
  • if you already created grafic or informal material, you are welcome to send it also

2. Expect a response within 72 hours

Please give us 72 hours to respond. If we think that there are some problems, we will inform you and help you to solve them.

3. Organise your event

If you received a positive result for your event you are on a good way. You should now organise everything. If you have any questions you are invited to get in touch with the PMC or alternatively with the CouchDB community in general. You can subscribe to or join the CouchDB IRC channel at

4. Final approvement

You have organised everything. Awesome. Before you go public, please get in touch with the PMC again. We would like to review all documents, grafics and information you created. This step is important, because we have to make sure the CouchDB brand is presented in an appropriate way. The PMC is entitled to approve your event or veto it. If we veto, we will explain very clearly why.

Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement

The CouchDB community is open and welcoming to everybody. To make sure that the CouchDB community is a place where you really like to be, we created a Code of Conduct and a Diversity Statement. We are very serious about this point and you should use our Code of Conduct for your event to make sure that the event is a safe place for everybody. Please include the following link including the text to the resources of your event:

Apache CouchDB Code of Conduct and Diversity Statement

We wish you all the best for your event!

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