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Clients - IBM Cloudant's Apache 2 licensed official client library that is also compatible with Apache CouchDB.

couchdb-python (no longer being maintained as of Feb 2018)

Older clients:
couchdbkit: and (no updates since 2015)

py-couchdb: Python 3-ready client using requests for http (much faster than the standard library)  (last updated Aug 2014, as of Oct 2014)



Asynchronous Clients

These are clients with asynchronous support, i.e. you don't have to block on that "put" command.  

aiocouchdb: uses asyncio.

aiocouchdb source code on github

aiocouchdb documentation on readthedocs

aiocouchdb on the Python package indexo


Trombi - last updated 2012 (as of Mar 2014)

 Corduroy - last updated 2012 (as of Mar 2014)

CouchDB with Django

A tutorial on using Django (a Python framework) with CouchDb can be found at

Alternatively you can view just the source for that example at

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