Ruby Client

Ruby is a cross platform language ideal for rapid application development and long term maintainability. The following Ruby projects are both available as RubyGems for versioned deployment using bundler and work with all recent versions of CouchDB.

We welcome feedback and contributions to these projects through the GitHub project page.


CouchRest wraps CouchDB's HTTP API using persistent connections with the HTTPClient gem managing servers, databases, and JSON document serialization using CouchDB's API endpoints so you don't have to.  For more information and documentation, please see

CouchRest is designed to provide a simple base for application and framework-specific object oriented APIs. CouchRest is Object-Mapper agnostic, the JSON objects provided by CouchDB are parsed and returned as Document objects providing a simple Hash-like interface.

For more complete modelling support based on ActiveModel, please checkout CouchRest's sister project: CouchRest Model.

Other libraries

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