This content was migrated from the old MoinMoin wiki (last updated in 2011) and may be severely out of date.

There is a nascent interface being built for Cincom Smalltalk. To try that out, you'll need to:

Once it's loaded, you can try things like this:

"A simple interface to Couch DB.  To create, delete, and query databases, try:"
CouchDB.Interface default databases.
CouchDB.Interface default create: 'mydb'.
CouchDB.Interface default delete: 'mydb'.
CouchDB.Interface default database: 'mydb'

"Further, you can then manipulate documents in a database, try:"
myDatabase := CouchDB.Interface default database: 'mydb'.
documentRecord := myDatabase save: myDatabase address.
myDatabase document: (documentRecord at: 'id').
myDatabase delete: (documentRecord at: 'id') revision: (documentRecord at: 'rev').

The APIs for database are fully implemented, and, other than attachments, the APIs for documents are fully implemented as well

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