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This page serves as a collection of helpful CouchDB tools. If something is missing hop on IRC and either request editing access for the Wiki or just ask someone to add the tool for you.   

Open Source


  • Futon Chrome Bookmark App 

  • couchapp - popular command line utility for managing design documents (Python). 

  • erica - Erica is a tool that helps you to create couchdb design docs (Erlang). 

  • situp - A tool to create and manage more complex CouchAppsDocs (Python) 

  • Kanso - The comprehensive CouchApp build tool (Javascript)

  • designeditor - Couch Application to manage design documents (views, shows, lists, updates, filters, lucene inexes, validate doc update), run JavaScript CouchDB code based on jquery.couch.js, and basic management features for databases. Deployment via AppZip, a Couch Application allowing deployment and distribution via zip archives.  
  • Kundera - An Object-Datastore Mapping Library for couchdb. 

  • Ddoc Lab - An in-browser IDE for creating couchapps and design documents, an offline-ready couchapp by itself

Search/External Applications

  • CouchDB-Lucene - A full-text indexer for CouchDB databases built on Apache Lucene (Java). A packaged version for OpenSuSE is available on this third-party repository (contact). 

  • ElasticSearch has native support for continuous indexing of CouchDB via the "river" functionality.
  • CouchDB Pumper- a data migration tool from Oracle to CouchDB and back.
  • couch-to-postgres - Node libary to stream CouchDB changes into PostgreSQL (similar to ElasticSearch river).  Uses PostgreSQL JSON datatype and enables SQL querying on docs.  With the pgsql-http extension allows for inserts/updates/deletes from within PostgreSQL on docs within CouchDB and can be used as a general swiss army knife for manipulating CouchDB databases.  With PostgreSQL ODBC allows excel/access to query the docs as well.



  • jq - A command-line JSON processor. You can use it to parse, filter and manipulate CouchDB's JSON output. 

  • jgrep - A Ruby-based CLI tool and API for parsing and displaying JSON data using a logical expression syntax. 

  • mock couch - A node.js module to mock a CouchDB server for unit testing CouchDB based apps.

  • couch-cli - Command line interface to facilitate CouchDB replication and other administrative tasks (Groovy).  

  • couchdb-utils - A fast and portable CouchDB command line utility (Go).

  • covercouch -  Per-document r/w/d ACL for CouchDB, preserves original CouchDB API untouched.

  • lava - a minimal command-line shell script to keep your views toasty warm and up-to-date with their corresponding DBs (shell + jq and curl)


  • CouchDB Pumper - a tool to migrate Oracle data to CouchDB and back. 

  • NoSQLViewer - a free tool which provides convenient GUI data management framework for CouchDB  

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