Piper Files

to store pipelines containing cTAKES components. 

Simple Pipeline Fabricator GUI

 to build pipelines containing cTAKES components and to run pipelines.

  • select cTAKES components to include
  • view descriptions of the components, and inputs, outputs, parameters, dependencies
  • implemented using the new Pipe Bits

Dictionary Creator GUI

  to build a custom dictionary for the Fast Dictionary Lookup from a local UMLS installation.

Temporal Module

 multiple new annotators to discover meaningful events, temporal expressions, and their relations from clinical text and place them on a timeline.

Example Clinical Documents with Manual Annotations

 hand-annotated clinical narratives (mock ups). The narratives were annotated using the Anafora annotation tool.

Sentence Detector Alternative

 if the default sentence detector is not working well for you, you could try the new character-based sentence detector

Coreference Annotator Alternative

 a new, second coreference annotator is now included

Pipe Bits

 used to describe cTAKES components for tools that help users create pipelines  - see Simple Pipeline Fabricator GUI.

  • document descriptions of components, and inputs, outputs, parameters, dependencies
  • implemented as Java annotations
  • simplifies pipeline builders
  • indicates whether a component is a Collection Reader, Annotator, or a Cas Consumer (Writer)


 if you've written code that directly uses classes within cTAKES, you could be affected by the following:

  • If you used any of these three older, lesser-used assertion-related classes, you need to switch to using other classes within ctakes-annotation that provide similar functionality.
    • AssertionAnalysisEngine
    • AssertionAnalysisEngineFit
    • ConceptConverterAnalysisEngine

Class IdentifiedAnnotationUtil was renamed to OntologyConceptUtil

Please see information regarding new UMLS dictionary Authentication at cTAKES

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