Negated / Negation

There are several negation detector annotators included in cTAKES.

  • The cTAKES 4.0 - Assertion component contains the PolarityCleartkAnalysisEngine, which is machine learning based.
  • The cTAKES 4.0 - NE Contexts component contains the original negation annotator, which is implemented using the ContextAnnotator.
  • The ctakes-ytex-uima component provides the NegexAnnotator, a drop-in replacement for the original cTAKES negation annotator. The YTEX NegexAnnotator is based on the Negex source from the Java GeneralNegex package. Advantages over the original cTAKES algorithm include:
    • long-range negation
    • configurable pre- and post- negation triggers



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