Apache cTAKES is a Patch Release for Apache cTAKES 4.0

There is only one item that is updated which is related to Authentication for use of the Apache cTAKES UMLS dictionary.

Starting 2021, NIH is using a new method for UMLS license authentication.

To use the UMLS dictionary, you must obtain a UMLS API Key.

After obtaining a Key, there are several methods to utilize it with Apache cTAKES.

You may specify the value of your Key with a single parameter:

  • ctakes.umls_apikey in your Operating System
  • umlsKey in your Operating System
  • umlsKey in your Piper File
  • umlsKey in your Dictionary Properties XML File
  • --key in your Clinical Pipeline Script command line
  • --key in your Piper Runner command line
  • -Dctakes.umls_apikey  in your Java command parameters
  • -DumlsKey in your Java command parameters

For instance:

bin\runClinicalPipeline -i C:\Input\MyNotes\ --xmiOut C:\Output\MyNotes\ --key 00a111b3-4c55-5555-5d66-66e7f888ghij

where 00a111b3-4c55-5555-5d66-66e7f888ghij is my Key.

The single key settings above will be preferred over the pre-2021 [UserName, Password] methods.

The pre-2021 [UserName, Password] methods may still be used if the username is set to "umls_api_key" and the password is set to the value of your Key.

For more information visit https://uts.nlm.nih.gov/