Creating A Pull Request

Apache Curator uses the Git version control system. Curator also uses Apache's Github mirroring. All source code/bug fix submissions should be made via Github Pull Request. Create your Pull Request against the latest revision of the files by forking the mirrored project at (keep your fork in sync from then on). You must also create an issue in Curator's Issue Tracker (reference the Pull Request in the issue) and create a git branch with the same name as the Issue. All discussion, comments, etc. regarding the Pull Request should be in the Issue Tracker and/or Github and not by email.

  • Fork the Curator project from Github
  • Create a branch with the same name as the JIRA Issue number (e.g. CURATOR-1234) in your fork and push it to Github
  • Create a Pull Request in Github. The name of the Pull Request should be in the form: [CURATOR-XXXX] Summary of the Issue
  • The Apache infrastructure tools will automatically add a reference to your PR in the JIRA Issue

Apache Contribution Guide

Please read the Apache Contribution Guide.


Curator uses:

Style/Development Guide

  • Use spaces not tabs.
  • Match the style of the Curator files. Any patches will be re-formatted to match Curator style.
  • There must be a JIRA Issue created for your change.
  • Create a git branch with the same name as the Issue.
  • All submissions must have TestNG tests.
  • All submissions must have proper Apache license headers. Run mvn license:format to make sure all files have headers.
  • The simpler and smaller the change the more likely it is to be accepted.
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