Tech Notes

Various questions, issues, etc. come up from time to time. Answers and workarounds will be collected here as Tech Notes.

  • TN1ZooKeeper watches are single threaded.
  • TN2InterProcessMutex acquire() can be used to return immediately if lock can't be acquired.
  • TN3Dealing with session failure.
  • TN4ZooKeeper makes a very bad Queue source.
  • TN5The APIs in Apache Curator are exactly the same as Netflix Curator.
  • TN6Friends don't let friends write ZooKeeper recipes
  • TN7Do not use paths passed to Curator recipes.
  • TN8Curator logging can be customized.
  • TN9NOTE: PathChildrenCache now uses getData() instead of checkExists().
  • TN10JVM pauses can cause unexpected client state with improperly chosen session timeouts.
  • TN11Curator internally wraps Watchers.
  • TN12Curator connection semantics
  • TN13Guava usage in Curator
  • TN14Session expiration in Curator
  • TN15API Changes in Curator 5.0.0 and how to workaround them if you need binary compatibility.

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