About Custos

Science gateways represent potential targets for cybersecurity threats to users, scientific research, and scientific resources. Custos is a software framework that provides common security operations for science gateways, including user identity and access management, gateway tenant profile management, resource secrets management, and groups and sharing management. The goals of the Custos project are to provide these services to a wide range of science gateway frameworks, providing the community with an open source, transparent, and reviewed code base for common security operations; and to operate trustworthy security services for the science gateway community using this software base. To accomplish these goals, we implement Custos using a scalable microservice architecture that can provide highly available, fault tolerant operations. Custos exposes these services through a language-independent Application Programming Interface that encapsulates science gateway usage scenarios.

Custos Architecture Guide

Custos Deployment Guide

Custos Mailing List

Send email to custos-subscribe@airavata.apache.org to join the Custos email list.

Custos Source Code

Custos source code is at https://github.com/apache/airavata-custos.

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