• Make sure your .m2/settings.xml contains your user and password
  • Make sure you have a pgp key
  • Make sure all jira issues for the version are resolved
  • Export the jira issues from the jira roadmap view of the version you are doing and update distribution/multi-bundle/src/main/release/release_notes.txt

Do the release in maven

When releasing on windows you might need the addtional argument -Dgpg.executable=C:\java\gnupg\bin\gpg.exe . This makes sure gpg 2 iss used instead of the git shell provided gpg1.

  • mvn release:prepare -Darguments="-DskipTests"
  • mvn release:perform -Darguments="-DskipTests"
  • go to, log in with you apache id, find your staging repo and close it

Check completeness

  • Check the tag is there in subversion and contains the correct version in the poms
  • Check that the release notes are correct and LICENSE and NOTICE are present in the distros
  • Check that the staging repo is visible and contains the correct release version

Send vote mail to dev list

Release maven repo

Delete staged release

Sometimes people find issues in a staged release. In this case we need to remove the release and redo it.

Delete the tag locally and on the git server

git tag --delete tagname
git push --delete origin tagname

Delete staged artifacts on


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