Major Notes:

  • CXF 3.2.x now requires Java 8.  Support for previous versions of Java has been dropped
  • Old management-web module removed
  • jibx, sdo, and xmlbeans databindings removed
  • "object binding" removed (coloc binding handles most of these use cases)

New Features:

  • JAX-RS support updated to latest 2.1 spec
  • New java2swagger Maven plugin
  • New WS-Transfer implementation
  • Enhanced tracing support with Brave
  • Support for Spring Boot 2.x
  • JAX-WS - support for per-operation schema validation configuration
  • New http-undertow transport

Major dependency changes:

  • Jetty has been upgraded to 9.4.x.  Support for Jetty 9.1 and earlier has been removed
  • Woodstox has been updated to 5.0.x which is in a different group id and has a different artifactId.  It's possible that you may pull in multiple versions of woodstox via other dependencies.
  • Swagger 1.x (package com.wordnik) is no longer supported, please update to Swagger 2 (package io.swagger).
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