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Decision Process

Our process of decision making is derived from how the Apache Foundation works. (see All decisions about the CXF architecture are made by the PMC members. Decisions should be based on consensus. Not every decision requires a vote. The PMC does also aprove to e.g. a code change by not acting against it.

The current decisions should be respected when changing code. If a decision does not apply anymore it can be changed at any time according to the rules of decision making above.

How to document architectural decisions

Every decision should be documented according to the following template. For every decision the alternatives and reasons for the decision should be documented to make it easier for new committers to understand why the decision was made. Additionally this scheme of documenting decisions makes it easier to see when it is time to change the decision.

Template: Short one line summary of the decision

Longer description of the decision.

Reasons for the decision

Resons explained. Should also contain a reference to the discussion (e.g. on mailing list) and when the decision was made.


Alternative 1

Alternative 2

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