Jakarta RESTful Web Services 2.1 TCK

Apache CXF 3.3.x and above implements JAX-RS 2.1 specification however has never passed official TCK (now, part of JakartaEE TCKs, RESTful Web Services 2.1 TCK). The team's goal is to make all TCK test pass and incorporate JakartaEE TCK compatibity logo ( CXF-7996 - Getting issue details... STATUS ). 

JakartaEE TCK resources:

How to build and run JakartaEE TCKs:

JakartaEE 8 TCKs jobs:

Apache CXF specific JakartaEE RESTful Web Services 2.1 TCK configuration

The JakartaEE RESTful Web Services 2.1 TCK builds are automated:

This Apache CXF TCK pipeline is parametrized, it needs only Apache CXF version (3.3.4, 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT, or any custom version available as an artifact in Apache Maven repository). The pipeline does not build Apache CXF itself (although it could in general, it would take longer), so the snapshots/versions to run against should be published before running the TCK. The pipeline checks out JakartaEE TCK (https://github.com/eclipse-ee4j/jakartaee-tck), builds the RESTful Web Services 2.1 TCK only, tailored for Apache CXF (JAX-RS impl classes, etc). This step could be skipped when / if official TCKs are published and become available later on (see please https://github.com/orgs/eclipse-ee4j/projects/14). The pipeline runs all RESTful Web Services 2.1 TCK tests against Glassfish 5.1.0 release, the reports are available as job artifacts (along with RESTful Web Services 2.1 TCK distribution). The complete run takes around ~2h.

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