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Java to Javascript


java2js -


java2js -databinding <jaxb or aegis> -jsutils -o <output-file> -d <resource-directory> -beans <pathname of 
the bean definition file.>* -cp <class-path> -soap12 -h -v -verbose -quiet <classname> 






-databinding <jaxb or aegis>

Specify the data binding (aegis or jaxb). Default is jaxb for jaxws frontend, and aegis for simple frontend.


Write the JavaScript common utilities at the beginning of the output.

-o <output-file>

Specify the output wsdl file name

-d <resource-directory>

The directory in which the output wsdl and other resource files are placed

-beans <pathname of the bean definition file.>*

Specify the pathname of a file defining additional Spring beans to customize databinding configuration.

-cp class-path

Specify the SEI and types class search path of directories and zip/jar files


Specify to generate SOAP 1.2 binding


Display detailed information for options.


Displays the version number of the tool.


Display comments during the code generation process.


Suppress comments during the code generation process.


SEI class name



See Also

idl2wsdl, java2ws, wsdl2corba, wsdl2java, wsdl2js, wsdl2service, wsdl2soap, wsdl2xml, wsdlvalidator and xsd2wsdl.

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