The WebserviceContext interface is part of the JAX-WS specification. It allows you to access several context informations the runtime has associated to your service call.

 The following code fragment show how to use some parts of the WebserviceContext.


public class CustomerServiceImpl implements CustomerService {
  WebServiceContext wsContext;

  public List<Customer> getCustomersByName(String name) throws NoSuchCustomerException {
    Principal pr = wsContext.getUserPrincipal();

    // Only joe may access this service operation
    if (pr == null || !"joe".equals(pr.getName())) {
      throw new RuntimeException("Access denied");

    // Only the sales role may access this operation
    if (!wsContext.isUserInRole("sales")) {
      throw new RuntimeException("Access denied");

    MessageContext mContext = wsContext.getMessageContext();

    // See which contents the message context has
    Set<String> s = mContext.keySet();

    // Using this cxf specific code you can access the CXF Message and Exchange objects
    WrappedMessageContext wmc = (WrappedMessageContext)mContext;
    Message m = wmc.getWrappedMessage();
    Exchange ex = m.getExchange();
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