Micosoft windows is a major platform for corinthia. We work on MS Windows 7 with 32bit as well as 64bit, but regularly compile on other versions.

Currently our executable´s  are not digitally signed, due to restrictions within ASF.


We run nightly builds on a MS Windows 7 buildbot slave.

You can see the result here: ci.apache.org/builders (look for corinthia-...)

The detailed log can be downloaded from

The last generated lib+executable can be downloaded from


You need the following tools:

  • git
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (we test with different versions)
  • cmake (min. version 3.1)

And the following libraries:

Library32 bit64 bitoptional
qtbase5-dev xonly for editor, non-conform apache license
libqt5webkit5-dev xonly for editor, non-conform apache license

Prepare to generate (one time work)

Download and install tools

To check out  the source, do the following:

mkdir incubator-corinthia
cd incubator-corinthia
git clone https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-corinthia.git 

Then the libraries must be installed. Finding the libraries in a 32bit and 64bit is a challenge, we have however made a zip available with the libraries as needed.

You can find the zip here http://people.apache.org/~jani/corinthia_winlibs.zip. We also provide the source with VC solution files http://people.apache.org/~jani/corinthia_winLibs_source.zip

Manually downloaded libraries:

cd incubator-corinthia
mkdir build
mkdir build\target_bin
mkdir build\target_include
mkdir build\target_lib
copy downloaded files

Using our libraries:

cd incubator-corinthia
mkdir build.win32
cd build.win32
unzip corinthia_winlibs.zip
cd ..
mkdir build.win64
cd build.win64
unzip corinthia_winlibs.zip

Note that the build directory should be different from the source directory. The example above uses a subdirectory of the source directory, which is fine - but you can also use one in a completely different location as well

Building Corinthia

First time build, which includes generating visual studio solution files:

cd incubator-corinthia
git pull
cd build.win32
cmake -G "Visual studio 12" ..
<open solution file and make project>
cd ..\build.win64
cmake -G "Visual studio 12" -A x64 ..
<open solution file and make project>

To rebuild the source, do the following:

cd inbubator-corinthia
git pull
cd build.win32
<open solution file and make project>
cd ..\build.win64
cmake -G "Visual studio 12" -A x64 ..
<open solution file and make project>

If you work locally or in a branch (recommend) do not do a "git pull".

If you want to build the editor, which is based on a non-conform apache license, please do:

cmake -G "Visual studio 12" -D NONCONFORM_APACHE=1 ..

Testing Corinthia

cd inbubator-corinthia
./build.win32/bin/dfutil -test ./tests
./build.win64/bin/dfutil -test ./tests


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