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This page gives some direction of what we hope the next few releases will contain.

It should be updated as new releases come out, or the themes/emphasis of a release change.

Of course this is all highly subject to change based on what the user community needs, and what developers choose (or are tasked) to work on.

The release numbering is also subject to change.





-          Goal Timeframe: Nov 2018

-          BLOB support (DAFFODIL-1735) - enables large image file formats

-          Multi-pass DFDL example - for formats with self-describing behavior

-          Implements features needed to demonstrate high degree of interoperability of the two primary DFDL implementations which are IBM's and Daffodil.

-          A large number of JIRA tickets associated with this.


Usability, Community Growth

-          Goal Timeframe: Year End 2018, and beyond

-          Debug/Trace improvements

-          Schema compilation speed/space improvements

-          Improved developer documentation of Daffodil's internals.

-          Tutorials on authoring DFDL schemas

-          Schematron validation rules executed by Daffodil.

-          Unparsing of hidden choices (finishing features for computed elements)

-          ... and your needed features here!


Advanced Performance

-         Goal Timeframe: before end Q3 2019

-         Improved SAX-event-style streaming behavior for runtime (parsing and unparsing)

... more things to be added here

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