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This page gives some direction of what we hope the next few releases will contain.

It should be updated as new releases come out, or the themes/emphasis of a release change.

Of course this is all highly subject to change based on what the user community needs, and what community developers choose to work on.

The release numbering is also subject to change.




Schema Compiler Improvements, Usability, Documentation

  • Apache NiFi - full integration with metadata
    • (This is not necessarily coupled to the release cycle. It may not involve Daffodil changes.)
  • Progress on schema compilation speed/space improvements (DAFFODIL-1444)

Advanced Performance

  • Improved SAX-event-style streaming behavior for runtime (parsing and unparsing)
  • Fully resolve Schema Compiler Space/Speed Issue
  • Added language features: recoverable errors, newVariableInstance

Improved Usability, Debug, Trace

  • Fix diagnostic messaging
  • Added language features: default/fixed values, COBOL data features, functions


  • Incorporate static analysis tools (which are free in some cases for open-source project use)
  • Improve test coverage from ~80% to 90+ in primary regression test suite
  • Incorporate Fuzz testing

Complete DFDL Implementation including all optional features

  • missing required features
  • optional features (with a few minor exceptions)
  • DFDL v2.0 extension features

Larger Wish List Items

A few things are worth calling out as desirable in case they are motivating to developers who really want to have an impact!

  • IDE for DFDL - such as a NetBeans enhancement for authoring and exercising DFDL schemas
  • Integration of Daffodil with Apache Beam, Spark, Flink, or numerous other data tools.
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