Service Base Name12/2012/2012/20DevOpsIn both of Azure & GCP will be cutted
Username [Project name]403010UI

In GCP could be realized with fisrtname/lastname combination with uid.

for example for Oleh Martushevskyi: omart23by5e4

Now in GCP it is  implemented 10 symbols by random instead of uid

Endpoint name666UI
Resource-44DevOpsPossible variants: nb- | de- | des-
Exploratory name-1414UI
Computational name141414UI

for ALL (dataengine): -m | -s100

In GCP case with Dataproc: will be added: -m | -w-23 | -sw-4f5g


63 symbols

GCP: Dataproc has limit as 54 symbols but now it has

regex which don't allow to create cluster with name >50 symbols.

GCP: Service account/Roles must be between 6 and 30 symbols

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