DataLab entered the Apache Incubator on 2018-08-20. The donation of the DataLab project to the Apache Software foundation means the development activities related to DataLab will shift from largely EPAM-internal processes to fully public processes governed by Apache policies and taking place on ASF infrastructure (email lists, git, JIRA, etc.).

For a background behind rationale behind moving DataLab to Apache, please see the DataLab Incubation Proposal.

Apache Incubator Resources

Apache Registration Procedure

Step 1: Submit an Apache ICLA (Individual Contributor License Agreement)

Download the Apache ICLA and fill in your information. When filling out the form, enter “Incubator/DataLab” in the “notify project” field. If you have a preferred Apache username/ID, enter it in the “preferred Apache id” field. You can check to see if your ID is available by searching the Apache phone book (using the committer field).

You may either print, sign, and scan the completed form or sign the PDF file electronically.

To sign electronically, do the following:

  1. Download and install GPG tools ( macOS. For WINDOWS OS gpg4Win should be used instead of GPG tools (
  2. Open GPG keychain and create new pub/private key pair.
  3. Open terminal and execute command gpg --armor --detach-sign {path_to_filled_up_icla} (e.g. gpg --armor --detach-sign icla.pdf). The above will create a file icla.pdf.asc. Send both the file (icla.pdf) and signature (icla.pdf.asc) as attachments in the same email to The files should be named icla.pdf and icla.pdf.asc for individual agreements.
  4. Upload your public key created in step 2 to

Once your signed ICLA has been received by the ASF Secretary, you will be notified by email with a CC to The secretary will also request your Apache account be created.

Step 2: Subscribe to the Apache DataLab Mailing Lists

Note: This can be done at any time and does not depend on having an Apache account.

This is the main mailing list for all development activities, discussions, etc. All DataLab contributors should be subscribed to this list. All technical discussions should take place on this list. We should begin migrating internal EPAM discussions to this list.

When the DataLab repository is moved to Apache we will set it up so commit notices go to this list. Subscribing to this list is optional.

This is the private mailing list for the PPMC (Podling Project Management Committee). Private lists are reserved for sensitive conversations that should not be public (e.g. Personnel discussions, discussing/voting on new committers, etc.). All initial committers as well as project mentors should be subscribed to this list.

To subscribe to the mailing lists, all you have to do is send an email to the corresponding subscribe address, e.g.: / / /

Note: Subscribe to only after step of receiving already Apache ID.

Step 3: Create an Apache JIRA Account

An Apache JIRA account is separate from an Apache Committer account, and you do not need to be a committer to sign up for one.

  1. Use this form to create a JIRA account.
  2. Send your JIRA ID to taylor_goetz and he will grant you write access to the DataLab JIRA project.

The URL for the DataLab JIRA is

Apache Account Status

All Apache DataLab initial committers are required to submit an ICLA to the ASF in order to create an Apache account, and are required to subscribe to the corresponding email list. The table below tracks the progress of contributors and project mentors through the process.


In the "Added to PPMC" column a value of "VOTE Needed" indicates that that individual was not listed as an initial committer in the DataLab Proposal and will need to be voted into the PPMC. Additionally, only PPMC members are allowed to subscribe to the private list. See Voting in a New PPMC Member for more information.

If Apache ID is created and you are a DataLab committer you are supposed to link yours GitHub accounts to ASF

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