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Projects & Products using/supporting Derby

A list of various projects and products that are using or supporting Apache Derby. In no way is this list complete, the initial set of uses has been obtained from web-searches, mainly through Google.

If you need to know anything about these projects then please use the link provided. Most of these projects are using Derby without any assistance from Derby developers or users, Derby is that easy to use. That of course means that folks on the Derby lists probably do not know what each project does.

Please update this page if you find other projects using Derby or are using Derby yourself.

The Apache Derby project encourages the community to add links to this page, but does not endorse or warrant those external links.



Mailing List

ActiveRecord-JDBC (JRuby)


AIDA !NTuple with SQL Backend

Support Requested


Amazing SQL

This project uses the Apache Derby database to study SQL. All datas are stored in that database.

AntHill Pro

The database is an Apache Derby database stored in the conf directory. .

Apache ActiveMQ ,

Apache Archiva

Repository for build artifacts:

Apache Beehive

The Petstore app runs against an imbedded Derby database. You must download a Derby implementation before building and running the Petstore.

Apache Cayenne

Apache Cayenne, currently undergoing Incubation at the Apache Software Foundation, supports Derby

Apache Cocoon

Apache Continuum "Apache Continuum is an enterprise-ready continuous integration server"

Apache DdlUtils

Apache Geronimo

Apache iBATIS ,


Apache Jackgrabbit

Apache James


Apache JDO

Apache Portals Jetspeed-2

Apache ServiceMix

Apache Tomcat ,

Apache Torque

Apache Xalan

Xalan 2.7.0 - "Updates to the SQL extension and SQL samples to support the Apache Derby database. "

Aqua Data Studio

Database query tool

(poster says works with Derby)

Araya server


Institutional repository / document management system that uses Apache Derby as its data store. Source code:

. Production example:


Aware IM

Built-in database engine (Derby).



Blooby Search Engine

blojsom (Derby instructions)





Support for Apache Derby (starting with release has been added.


Celtix uses Derby fo its reliable message store.

Cheese Lab

Postgresql has been removed in favor of the derby embedded sql engine. This means you no longer require a dedicated rdbms (Thanks IBM!!)

CodeFutures Firestorm DAO


Compendium Version 1.4: Hypermedia Knowledge Mapping

Welcome to Compendium 1.4. This release sees some major changes to previous versions, including the use of a new database system (Derby). As a result there is now a much simplified installation process as Derby is bundled with Compendium and requires no separate installation.



Cryptolog Unicity MSS


Cryptolog Serenity


Daffodil Replicator

Data Direct SequeLink

Data manipulator


Day CRX (Java Content Repository)


DB Visual Architect

DB Visual Architect for Eclipse



Derby/G is a research prototype implementing the GORDA Architecture and Programming Interface (GAPI) (for database replication) on Apache Derby.

Diapason digital media organizer


Drone (IRC bot)

Easysoft Data Access

Eclipse BIRT Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools

Eclipse Database Developer


Eclipse Web Tools Project


Easylle Team



Fingerstring SQL



FreebXML Registry


Globus Toolkit


Google Web Toolkit





IBM Director Server

Installing IBM Director Server on AIX


IBM WebSphere Application Server Express Version 6.0.x


IBM Workplace Client Technology,
Rich Client Edition


InstallShield Update Service 4.5


Intalio Server 4.0 CE (embeds Derby)

Intalio Workflow 4.0 CE (embeds Derby)

Ipedo XIP

Ipedo XIP is a data virtualization/EII server that embeds Derby for caching.



Java DB

The Oracle supported distribution of Apache Derby.
Web site:






Please see listing "Apache JDO" above









Kodo 3.3.3

New in Kodo 3.3.3 ... Support for Apache Derby


Java-based LGPL tool for creating, managing, and applying database changes/refactorings.

LogicBlaze Fuse (SOA)

Media Board One

MED-Office (Medical application)




Microsoft Visio


Mondrian (OLAP)

Mnemona SQL

MTH My Money (Personal Financial Application)

My Money uses Derby as its default database engine



Tutorial: Working with Java DB (Derby) in NetBeans:

NGASI AppServer Manager: JAVA Automation and SaaS Enablement

NGASI AppServer Manager automates multiple installations and configurations for Tomcat,Jetty, Glassfish, Oracle-OC4J,and JBoss on a single server machine, across multiple VPS, and across multiple servers.
For IT Managers, it enables central management of application server assets and resources spread across the enterprise. And for Web Hosts, it enables Private JVM JAVA Hosting. Plus 1 click installation of standard applications via the Application Factory.
NGASI AppServer Manager uses Derby as its default Database. Derby is also provided as a Datasource option for applications.


Version 1.1 to support Derby



OpenJMS (embeds Derby)



OpenOffice (Derby instructions)



PaperCut NG




Print Accounting

Qbizm Technologies

Qilan ( (Embeds Derby)

Red Hat Application Server


Relational XQuery (distribution ships with an embedded Apache Derby database populated with sample data)



Roller 2.0

Scripts Fundraising Manager

Small Swing application using Derby + Hibernate -


Sequoia ∞

Simple JTA

Smart Robots' SR4 Robot

Sormula Object-Relational Mapping


Sonar is an open source quality management platform


Space Telescope Science Institute

Derby is used for persistent storage in Exposure Time Calculator (ETC) software for astronomers. (STScI web site:




Squirrel SQL

SQL Uniform

As IBM Cloudscape


SQL Workbench/J

SQL4XManager J

StarSQL for Java StarQuest's StarSQL for Java is a type 4 JDBC driver for connecting to DRDA databases such as DB2 and Derby


GlassFish Server


SUSE Linux 9.3

SUSE Linux 10.0


SysAid 5.1 (embeds Derby)

ThinkUI SQL Client (embeds Derby)

TREC Transparent Remote Computing

Trustgenix IdentityBridge


Virtual XML Garden


Web Data Access Developer




XAware embeds Derby to support a large set of executable examples as part of an Eclipse plug-in.

Zend Core for IBM




Products By Type

Data Synchronization/Replication

JDBC Drivers

ODBC Drivers

GUI Tools

Development Tools

Web Application Framework

Web Application Server

Persistence / Object Relational Mapping (ORM)

Business Applications

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