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Apache Derby and Red Hat Application Server: JOnAS Integration


Red Hat App Server, JOnAS

Shows how to configure and run Derby with the Red Hat Application Server.

Apache Derby Fortune Server Tutorial


SQL functions, Tomcat 5.0.28

From ApacheCon US 2004, teaches the basics of embedded Derby and shows a couple ways to integrate it with other Apache products, including how to create SQL functions that use the Jakarta Mathematics and Regexp libraries and how to embed Derby in Tomcat 5.0.28.

Apache Derby Tutorial


Installation, ij, embedded, Network Server

Introduces Derby basics to new users, including how to install the software, how to use ij, and how to use Derby in embedded mode and with the Network Server.

Build Web applications with Eclipse, WTP, and Derby


Eclipse, WTP, Derby plug-ins

Shows how to use WTP and the Derby eclipse plug-ins, and features a sample application that uses JSPs, JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL), and Servlets.

Cayenne PetStore


Cayenne, Struts

Shows how to implement the classic Petstore Java application with Cayenne and Struts.

Cloudscape and Ajax – An example: Create an embedded database and Web server application


Ajax, JavaScript

Shows how to create an Address Book Web application using Derby and Ajax.

Cloudscape Detective


Relational databases

Introduces users to relational database concepts using Derby.

Configuration files for JBoss using Derby

Mail list


Shows how to configure JBoss to use Derby



Ajax, Java plug-in LiveConnect

ApacheCon US 2005 demo that shows how a database embedded in a browser can be used to persist data from a tax return being created either online or offline.

Deep Dive with Apache Derby: Perl, PHP, and Python


Perl, PHP, Python

From OSCON 2005, highlights non-java access to Derby databases.

Derby and Perl with DBD::JDBC

Derby Wiki


How to use Derby with Perl and DBD.


Derby Wiki

SQL functions and procedures

Describes how to implement SQL routines – functions and procedures – in java. Feel free to add examples!

Derby Tutorial – NetBeans 6.5


NetBeans 6.5, Java DB, DB GUI, SQL scripts, development tools

Demonstrates how to set up a connection to Sun's Java DB database (applies to Derby as well) in NetBeans IDE 6.5. Once a connection is made, you can begin working with the database in the IDE, allowing you to create tables, populate them with data, run SQL statements and queries, and more.

Easy DB setup with Apache Derby



Shows how to setup RIFE to use Derby.

Eclipse BIRT tutorial


Eclipse, BIRT

Includes the Derby engine+embedded driver and a sample Derby database.

Embedding Apache Derby in Tomcat and creating an iBATIS JPetStore Demo


iBATIS, Tomcat 5.5

Shows how to setup and deploy the JPetStore 4.0 web application using Derby as the database, iBATIS as the persistence layer, and Tomcat as the J2EE server.


Derby Wiki


Various tips on using Derby with Hibernate.

Installing Apache Derby Database on ColdFusionMX 7.0.2



Shows how to setup embedded Derby to work with ColdFusion

Introduction To Apache Derby - Java Database


Installation, CLI (ij), JDBC (embedded only)

Introductory tutorial describing Derby and showing how to get started using the embedded driver.

Java databasing with Derby


Installation, ij, embedded, JDBC

This article shows how to embed Derby 10.2 in a java application.

JDBC 4.0 Enhancements in Java SE 6



An article on new JDBC 4.0 features which uses Derby as the example database.

LDAP Authentication with Apache Derby


Authentication, LDAP

How to use LDAP authentication with Apache Derby

Object Innovations JDBC Course



Commercial courseware that covers the fundamentals of database programming in Java using JDBC. Derby is the default database.

OpenOffice and JDBC for data access


OpenOffice, GUI

Explains how to access a Derby database directly from OpenOffice using a JDBC connection.

Out-of-the-box database notifications: JMX and Derby in Java 6



Using a Derby database as a JMX observable object to provide alerts about significant data changes.

Running the Torque Tutorial on Derby



Summarizes the changes required to run the Torque 3.2 tutorial on Derby 10.1 using the Derby embedded JDBC driver.

Synchronizing a Web Client Database: LocalCalendar and Google Calendar



Shows how to implement a local calendar that gets synchronized to a central store.

Use Apache Derby in your OpenLaszlo applications, Part 2: Storing and embedding data



Shows how to insert, update, and delete into a Derby database using the OpenLazlo markup language.

Using Apache Derby with iBATIS JPetStore 4 running on the Geronimo J2EE server


iBATIS, Geronimo

Shows how to setup and deploy the JPetStore 4.0 web application using Derby as the database, iBATIS as the persistence layer, and Geronimo as the J2EE server.

Using Apache Derby with iBATIS JPetStore 4 on the WebSphere Server


iBATIS, WebSphere

Shows how to setup and deploy the JPetStore 4.0 web application using Derby as the database, iBATIS as the persistence layer, and WebSphere as the J2EE server.

Using DdlUtils to Migrate Databases to Derby


DdlUtils, Schema management, data migration

Shows how to use Derby with DdlUtils, which provides utilities for creating and working with Database Definition (DDL) files and for exporting and importing data in XML format.

Using Java DB in Desktop Applications


Desktop applications

Features an example application (Address Book) which demonstrates how to work with Java DB (Sun's distribution of Apache Derby) as an embedded database within desktop Java technology applications.

Using JPOX JDO with Derby



Provides an example that uses JPOX JDO to persist and retrieve data to and from Apache Derby.

Using SQuirreL SQL Client with Derby


SQuirreL SQL, GUIs

Shows how to set up SQuirreL to access Derby databases via the Derby Embedded Driver and Client Drivers with the 10.1 version of Derby.

JavaDB End-to-End Security



How to make Java DB (Derby) 10.2 more secure, including: Database encryption, connection authentication, SQL authorization, securing the environment (Java Security Manager)

JavaDB Performance

Slide show


This presentation gives an overview of how to configure Java DB (Derby) to achieve optimal performance while being able to handle failure scenarios without losing data.

Using Apache Derby in the real world

Slide show

Introduction and usage domains

Slides used to present Derby and its use in the real world. Presentation held at the Australian Java User's Group meeting in Melbourne. (also HTML version here)

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