The Apache DistributedLog project is in the process of bootstrapping. For the documentation about DistributedLog, check the old website:


Welcome to the Apache DistributedLog wiki. This wiki is for pages that change frequently or benefit from being easier to edit than pages on the DistributedLog website. Visit the Apache DistributedLog website to find DistributedLog documentation, introductory material, and more.

If you are interested in contributing to DistributedLog, visit the  Contributing to DistributedLog page to learn more.

Current Release Window

The first apache release (0.4.0) window is the following:

July 2016Merge window opens on master branch
late Oct / early Nov 2016RCs, voting, etc. until final release passes

DistributedLog Developer Documentation

DistributedLog Committer Documentation

DistributedLog Related Projects


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