A provider provides the capability to execute Edgent applications by providing implementations of various Edgent APIs. Currently supplied providers:

  • DirectProvider - a minimal provider that provides the topology api direct execution using the etiao runtime. This is the provider expected to executed on devices.
  • DevelopmentProvider - a development provider that is aimed at application developers, typically developing the core of an application on a laptop or workstation. It extends DirectProvider to add:
    • a development console that visualizes running applications
    • control service that registers control MBeans in the platform JMX server
    • automatic addition of metrics to submitted applications.
  • IotProvider - includes a DirectProvider and several other services for building Edgent applications that interact with an IoT Platform hub (see Full Device Scenario). IotProvider is IoT Platform agnostic. A central abstraction is an IotDevice - an interface for a connector to a particular IoT Platform for publishing "events" and subscribing to "commands".  Anyone can create an IotDevice implementation. Edgent currently comes with IotDevice implementations for:

Additional providers may be added in the future to address common requirements.

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