Potential list of recipes that could be simply written up:

Feel free to add more.

Anyone can write one of these recipes for the wiki or documentation site (or elsewhere).

Starting from "Hello Edgent": Tutorial:

  • Hello Edgent - done
  • How to write a source function - done
  • How to write a sink function
  • How to write a map function
  • Re-using a stream - done
  • How to split a stream - done
  • How to union a stream - done
  • How to write a stateful function
  • Windowing: keeping the last ten minutes of data
    • Windowing: performing an aggregation of a window
    • Windowing: keeping the last 1000 data items
  • Detect a sensor value out of expected range - done
    • simple filtering - done
    • deadband filter - done
  • Reducing data volume sent to back-end
    • Using batch aggregation
    • Continuous aggregation with filtering
    • Heartbeat with a collection of values
  • Sending data to an IoT scale Message Hub
    • IBM Watson IoT Platform
    • MQTT
  • How to create a metric
  • Using Kafka
  • How to acquire and process sensor data on a Raspberry Pi
    • light sensor
    • temperature sensor
    • button?
    • motion detector
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