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Current committers

Daniel DebrunnerIBM
Susan ClineIBM
William MarshallIBM
Victor DogaruIBM
Dale LaBossiereIBM
Cazen LeeSamsung
Kathy SaundersIBM
Queenie MaIBM

How to become a committer

You can become a committer by contributing to Edgent. Qualifications for a new committer include:

  • Sustained Contributions: Potential committers should have a history of contributions to Edgent. They will create pull requests over a period of time.

  • Quality of Contributions: Potential committers should submit code that adds value to Edgent, including tests and documentation as needed. They should comment in a positive way on issues and pull requests, providing guidance and input to improve Edgent.

  • Community Involvement: Committers should participate in discussions in a positive way, triage and fix bugs, and interact with users who submit questions. They will remain courteous, and helpful, and encourage new members to join the Edgent community.

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