After discussion and voting, the new name is Apache Edgent.

We are collecting suggestions for names, logos, etc for our community.  Quarks is not unique enough, so we need to look for a new name that will meet the requirements found here

To be suitable, a name needs to be

  • judged appropriate by the wider community; and
  • unique enough to avoid confusion

I have added simple google searches, as well as searches of the US Patent database; I have only included LIVE entries.  For more information on the US Patent search see this web page  Note "Even if evidence is found of existing registrations, this does not necessary eliminate the proposed name. Just record the facts. Leave analysis and interpretation to private lists. When a search returns a large number of hits, focus on live registrations related to software."  This information may be useful, but not necessarily decide whether we can or cannot use a particular name.

Please add to the list of suggested names and a vote will be called on the dev list to choose one.  Use your creativity and add your ideas!

  • Pipir - (2 pi r) -- i.e. everything on the edge; and pronounced piper
    • From a quick Google Search on Pipir Software:
      • Nothing found
    • Various software application packages and a consulting company called Piper
    • I think this is too close to PyPi.
    • Nothing found in US Trademark search

Additional Comments

It might be a good idea to stick with something that starts with a consonant, so the documentation doesn't have to be reviewed and changed from a Quarks ... to an Avowelname ...  I can see your point but if a vowel name is good enough then I think it's worth the effort to fix any doc issues.

As you are considering names, think a bit about what kind of visual logo would be appropriate.  You don't have to create a logo, but we will eventually want to have one, so keep that in mind.


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