Discussion items

10min3 projects 

we got 3 projects for our second round 

10minFriction log

The friction log has been sent to the intern and two co-mentors. 

Set a reminder to get a friction log. Send an email.

5minContribution period
Send email. Mentors should be ready to answer questions and provide guidance to potential interns to submit their contributions.  
5min Deadlines 
March 5, 2020 to April 7, 2020: Contribution period to projects
5minImprovements for next rounds 
  • Review the friction log to improve the next rounds. 
  • expand FAQs to solve. 
  • Outreachy FAQ

Action items

  • Katia Rojas Send reminder friction log to mentors and interns. deadline 8 march. 
  • Matt Sicker :  Expand FAQs to solve mentor/intern issues
  •  Katia Rojas send email to mentors to get into the mailing list.