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Note: this is currently a work in progress.

This guide describes how to build ESME and deploy it to the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (aka "CE"), which is SAP's Java EE 5-compliant application server and integration platform.

1. Build ESME from the latest code drop

2. Convert the esme.war into a deployable element

On your CE installation, there are scripts to do such actions

D:\usr\sap\CE1\J00\j2ee\deployment\scripts>make_SDA esme.war -pr esme.propertiesContents of file

location=Deployment Manager

3. Deploy

3.1. via the Netweaver Developer Studio

Deploy the war file created in step 2 via the Deplyoment Perspective in NWDS.

3.2 via telnet

you can also deploy using telnet (

3.3 via script

D:\usr\sap\CE1\J00\j2ee\deployment\scripts> deploy administrator:abcd1234@localhost:50004 esme.war


Using container-based autnetication

You must also change the web.xml file


You also have to of course create a data source and the necessary JDBC drivers to the CE environment. Here are two blogs with details on how to do this:

If you are using derby as your DB to perform tests, the following info is useful:

  • DB driver class: org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver
  • URL: jdbc:derby:esme_db;create=true
  • JAR_: derby-