Conference theme: Apache EventMesh(incubating) bi-weekly meeting

Meeting time: 2022/04/01 21:00-22:00

Tencent Conference:

Conference number: 346-6926-0133

Host: Mike Xue


1. Discuss the EventMesh event filter

  • Event filter related scenarios: On the consumer side, filter information that consumers are interested in.
  • Traditional scenarios need to rely on specific MQ client for certain code development to achieve filtering. For eventmesh scenarios, eventmesh will filter subscription information according to user-defined expressions

2. Event filter solution implementation related content:

  • Scheme 1: Do stream processing in eventmesh, which has nothing to do with MQ, but performance will be affected, you can maintain the expression engine by yourself Specific implementation: Define a set of APIs for EventMesh, implement and connect the rule engine, combine EQL/JSON path, consider integrating the research rule engine (DataSonnet)
  • Scheme 2: Bind with Rocketmq, use Rocketmq as the engine, and realize the filter capability Specific implementation: implement according to openmessaging-api, cooperate with the filter capability supported by rocketmq At present, it is inclined to plan 1, and the capability realization of the filter has nothing to do with the specific MQ components
  • Related questions: ○Whether Kafka can support ○Whether Rocketmq's filter supports multi-threading, it is currently supported ○ Consider multi-tenant isolation issues ○ Rules storage problem Support plug-in implementation
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